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Standard Certificate
The specialized standard department of this collection is ready to provide professional services to obtain product standards and inspection certificates from the order registration stage to the clearance of imported goods



With the ever-increasing variety of man-made industrial products, the issue of meeting customer needs by thousands of industrial products has entered a new trend and is being pursued with the utmost seriousness. Our country is not exempted from this process and it is moving forward in the path of development with the means of standardization of industrial products. According to Article 3 of the Law on Quality Improvement of Industries and Industrial Products


In order to support domestic industrial production and protect the rights of consumers, all industrial goods imported to the country must be approved by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research, otherwise their distribution is prohibited


Seralco Trading Company is a standard expert and drafter of national standards in order to obtain mandatory and legal quality and standard approvals, receive an inspection certificate related to your product and carry out the legal and standard procedure of the products covered by the domestic responsible organizations and complete the services related to the standard of imported and exported goods from the order registration stage to the delivery of the goods to you in the least possible time using a specialized team and staff with experience in matters related to the import of consumer goods


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