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Custom Services
Clearance of goods from all customs and ports of Iran
Since most of the raw materials needed by the factories in different types (components, parts) are supplied from abroad, therefore, foreign trade and clearance should be more important, and on the other hand, traders and merchants also need customs affairs. be Imported products and goods should be done as soon as possible, so time and cost issues can be very important for all those involved and choose issues that are experienced in customs and clearance. .. expertise is needed, that Seralco Trading Company, having an experienced and strong staff in carrying out customs formalities from the customs of the southern ports of Bushehr and Genaveh ports in the clearance of industrial machinery, raw materials, parts and factory machinery, parts and accessories, power plants, chemicals and petrochemicals, network and computer items and equipment, parts of all kinds of passenger cars and trucks, and medical equipment, work production line, printing machines, paper, precision instruments, ..... to They work in a specialized and professional manner



Experience says: Any foreign purchase and clearance of goods can be done by us. You can feel the difference


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