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In today's world, the importance of foreign purchases is not hidden from anyone, most countries of the world have commercial relations with each other due to the diverse distribution of production factors in different regions. Establishing these relationships requires familiarity with the steps of goods arrival, sources of goods procurement, familiarity with payment conditions, uniform regulations of letters of credit, opening of credit, types of transport insurance, goods inspection, shipping documents, bill of lading, baling, inspection certificate and goods clearance procedures. Seralco Trading Company, having specialized experts and personnel with experience and benefiting from the latest strategic information, provides you with the necessary assistance and services in all customs matters (tariffs, laws, regulations, circulars, etc.). In addition, he is responsible for these follow-ups in the country's customs offices, as well as Iran's customs and dispute settlement commissions until the end of the proceedings.


Cooperation                                                                                                                                                                                                              Our goal is to cooperate with you for the development and prosperity of the industry and economy of our dear country Iran. In this hope and in order to secure your opinions and protect your all-round interests, we announce our readiness to start a joint activity


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